Harrods Rarity Necklace Set

Harrods Rarity – The Exceptional Paradiso Set

Behind every David Morris one-of-a-kind piece there is an everlasting story; starting with the inspiration that instigates each unique design, followed by the extraordinary gemstones lovingly handpicked to create a unique piece and culminating in the intricate craftsmanship applied to the final masterpiece. In celebration of Harrods Rarity campaign, David Morris are delighted to announce that for the first time in their 55 year history, the British jewellery house has exclusively designed an exceptional matching earring and necklace set of incredibly rare stones for the esteemed and world renowned department store. Drawing inspiration from nature, bearer of our planet’s most wondrous and precious creations, The London Jeweller has chosen to honour one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful birds for the occasion, the blue Bird of Paradise, coveted over centuries for its highly prized royal blue plumes.

Harrods Rarity Paradiso Necklace Set

Rarity is something that cannot be easily replaced and is cherished by the person who holds it. The finest quality sapphires are the epitome of rarity as are Paraiba tourmalines, mined exclusively in Paraiba (Brazil), and renowned for their elusiveness. David Morris have brought this to life by crafting a unique necklace that features at its heart a 46.10ct cushion Burmese sapphire, equally as mesmerising as the blue tones of the Bird of Paradise’s feathers.

This extraordinary gem is surrounded by delicate layers of floating white diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines and Ceylon sapphires, which have been set to perfection as they dovetail with one another seeming to flutter around it. This incredible collection of stones with their radiating colours have been artistically designed to mirror the moment the unusual blue Bird of Paradise spreads its wings to reveal the striking tones of its layered plumage.

Enhancing the inherent beauty and blue hues of the necklace’s centre stone, the house has also created Rare & Exceptional Paradiso Necklace & Earring Set a unique pair of matching earrings, which feature two equally exquisite sapphires at their centre, completing a set that has been masterfully handcrafted by the artisans in the brand’s Bond Street atelier, the last one of its kind.

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Harrods Rarity Exterior
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Harrods Rarity – The Exceptional Paradiso Set