Yellow Diamonds Necklace

Yellow Diamonds

Majestic yellow diamonds, from delicate, pale shades to the boldest and brightest stones

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Yellow Diamonds Bangle
Yellow Diamonds High Jewellery Ring

The rarest of the rare

The first glimpse of an exquisite, rare coloured diamond is always a joy because for every 10,000 carats of diamonds found, only one is a coloured ‘natural’ diamond. These vivid-coloured treasures are extremely rare and highly valuable, with the brightest and most colourful being the most coveted of all.

Amongst this remarkable rainbow, the yellow diamond is found the most often, while for our bespoke pieces we have sourced the rarest of the rare, including blue, green, pink, purple and even brightly-coloured orange diamonds, taking inspiration from the stone’s unique beauty to craft precious works of art.

Coloured Diamond Necklace (1)
“Glorious colour and highly unusual stones have always been a signature of David Morris design”
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Yellow Diamond Bangle