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White Diamonds

The inimitable dazzle of white diamonds is a constant inspiration for our precious creations, with the House of David Morris selecting only the rarest, purest and clearest to be cut.

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White Diamond High Jewellery

The making of a modern icon

Throughout the ages and across cultures, few stones have possessed the power to captivate as the glittering brilliance of a white diamond. This most iconic of jewels is honoured throughout David Morris creations, whether used alone to celebrate its flawless beauty or masterfully paired with glorious, rare-coloured diamonds.

The white diamonds used in our collections are sourced only from the world’s most prestigious mines, with Jeremy Morris selecting only stones of incredible clarity and quality for his contemporary creations. These exquisite jewels are then entrusted to the highly-skilled craftsmen of our Bond Street atelier, where each diamond is expertly incorporated within a unique design to showcase its fullest beauty.

The House of David Morris is renowned not just for its meticulous selection of diamonds, but also its fusion of modern and traditional cutting techniques. Throughout our collections, the white diamond is transformed through a variety of innovative and classic cuts, each chosen to maximise a stone’s unique beauty.

In the early 2000s, Jeremy Morris became one of the first contemporary jewellers to revive the rose-cut diamond, forgotten since the Victorian era, instantly returning it to the forefront of modern jewellery design. Today the rose cut diamond, so-called because the facets resemble the petals of a rose bud just before it unfurls, is a signature of David Morris creations and once again in high demand.

“The remarkable diamonds sourced by the House of David Morris are each crafted into breath-taking fine jewellery in our Bond Street atelier”
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White Diamond High Jewellery