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A signature of the House of David Morris is the glorious celebration of colour, and nowhere is this more striking than in our incredible sapphire creations.

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Sapphires High Jewellery
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The world’s most sought-after sapphires

Loved and worn by royalty throughout the ages, the rarity of newly-discovered sapphires makes these precious treasures highly sought-after the world over. The most important quality that Jeremy Morris looks for in any stone is colour, and for the sapphire stones in our collections his eye is particularly exacting. For these spectacular pieces, Jeremy Morris only seeks the most beautiful velvet-blue stones, a deep but slightly smoky royal blue made famous by the unmistakeable sapphires of Kashmir.

Experience has taught gem expert and jewellery designer Jeremy Morris where the finest sapphires are to be found. Though many of the mines that have yielded history’s greatest sapphires are now inaccessible, Jeremy’s pursuit of excellence and passion for these jewels has enabled him to source some incredibly rare finds for our fine jewellery collections and bespoke commissions.

Across the David Morris collections, myriad sapphire hues can be found, including unusual and stunning pinks and yellows, and a rare shade of orange-pink known as Padparadscha – the Sinhalese word for lotus blossom.

“Sapphires have long stood as symbols of fortune, virtue, wisdom and sincerity”
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