Rare Coloured Diamonds Jewellery

Rare Coloured Diamonds

The rarest diamonds of all; the astonishing colour spectrum of coloured diamonds makes them amongst the world’s most sought-after, and a truly unique choice for bespoke creations.

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The rarest of the rare

For Jeremy Morris, the first glimpse of an exquisite coloured diamond is a moment to treasure. These vivid jewels are the very essence of rarity, with only one ‘natural- coloured’ diamond unearthed for many more carats of its close relative, the dazzling white diamond.

The most radiant and vibrant coloured hues are, naturally, the most coveted of all, and it is these precious finds that the House of David Morris gathers from across the globe to grace our extraordinary fine jewellery creations.

“Glorious colour, and the world’s most exceptional and rare stones, have been a signature of the House of David Morris since 1962”

Striking yellow, the most delicate rose-pink, magnificent green and cool, iced-blue – across the David Morris collections a remarkable rainbow of these precious diamonds are on display. These exquisite natural wonders, when paired with the design ingenuity of Jeremy Morris and our master craftsmen’s peerless attention to detail, are transformed into precious works of art that reveal each stone’s breathtaking unique beauty.

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