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Known as the ‘Queen of Gems’, precious natural pearls are a rare discovery in more ways than one, combining a long and rich history with the unique ability to transcend generations and trends.

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David Morris Natural Pearl Necklace

Discovering nature’s bounty

Natural pearls are even rarer than one might imagine. In fact, just one oyster in 10,000 may conceal a glistening gift within its shell. It is little surprise, then, that throughout history pearls have been highly prized, and are today one of the most precious objects in the world.

Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were all devotees of pearls. As is Jeremy Morris, who acquires historic natural pearls wherever and whenever he can in order to cater to the sophisticated women who appreciate them. Jeremy Morris selects only lustrous, creamy-white pearls for our timeless creations, with pearls from the warm seas of the Caribbean and Far East amongst the most beautiful.

David Morris Conch Pearl Necklace
“Few who venture beneath the waves return with even one of these precious treasures”
Akoya Pearl Earrings
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