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Paraiba Tourmalines

Unique to the Brazilian state from which it takes its name, Paraiba has a vividness and intensity of colour unequalled in any other gem in the world.

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Paraiba Tourmalines David Morris Jewellery
Paraiba Tourmaline David Morris Jewellery Earrings

A true hidden gem

The fascinating story of Paraiba wouldn’t seem out of place in a magical fairy-tale. For years, Heitor Dimas Barbosa painstakingly toiled at a small hill in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Paraiba, convinced that its fertile soil would yield something special. His vision was realised upon discovering what is now known as Paraiba; a neon-bright tourmaline with exceptional qualities.

While Brazil is renowned for a multitude of coloured tourmalines, Paraiba is the only example containing carbon and explains why, once faceted, it appears to give off an intense ‘fire’ and neon glow, even in low light. As the stones discovered were almost all fragments, Paraiba tourmalines of any significant size are incredibly rare, especially as the mine has now yielded all of its gems. This makes the incredible collection offered by David Morris all the more desirable.

“Paraiba is unique and rare stone, which lay undiscovered beneath a small hill until the 1980s”
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