Opals High Jewellery


A truly mesmerising jewel with an other-worldly quality, opals’ vivid and glowing prisms are often compared to star-flecked galaxies.

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Opals High Jewellery Earrings

Igniting the spark

A magical and poetic stone, the opal is brought tantalisingly to life through the refined and elegant signature of David Morris designs. This unique jewel’s coloured prisms are the result of tiny flecks of silica that, when caught by the light, flash in rainbow-like colour. Given this incredible stone’s powers of transformation, Jeremy Morris takes great care throughout the design process, ensuring each opal is set in such a way as to ignite its unique spark, thus capturing the stone’s striking radiance in all its magnificence.

Throughout history, the opal has been symbolic of hope, loyalty and good fortune for the wearer. Today, many of the world’s most extraordinary and precious opals originate from ‘Lightning Ridge’ in Australia, so-called for its reputation for yielding opals with firework-like flashes of colour. In fact, the stone’s name derives from the Latin ‘precious jewel’, while the Greek word ‘opallios’ means ‘to change colour’.

For thousands of years, the opal has been seen as an alluring, mythical and fiery gem