High Jewellery Bespoke Creations (1)

Prestige Jewels

Not all precious stones are created equal.
Jeremy Morris travels far and wide in search of nature’s rarest, purest jewels for our high jewellery creations.

David Morris Prestige Jewllery Image 1

Stones sought from across the world

The jewels in our creations are legendary, and with good reason. David Morris meticulously sources its prized stones from the most revered mines, whether it be an extremely rare sapphire from the remote hills of Kashmir, the famed deep-green emeralds of Colombia, or the perfect, glittering clarity of a white diamond. Only when we have unearthed a truly exceptional treasure does it voyage to our London atelier, where it is impeccably cut and polished to reveal its pure beauty before being set into the high jewellery it has inspired.

“Inspiration always begins with the individuality of the stone”