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A highlight of the London art calendar, this month’s Frieze Art Fair is an inspirational reminder of the parallels between the creative process of the artist, and of the jewellery designer and craftsman.


The artist and the muse

As an artist finds inspiration for their works in both their reality and imagination, so too does our CEO & Creative Director Jeremy Morris, drawing upon his many travels, the natural world, the arts and – of course – the gemstones themselves. As an enthusiastic collector of contemporary art, Jeremy Morris visits Frieze every year where, as well as seeking out new works for his personal collection, he finds inspiration for the House’s extraordinary jewellery creations.


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Pearl Deco

Realising the artist’s vision

Dreaming up an idea for a spectacular piece of jewellery is one thing; possessing the technical skill and craftsmanship to realize it is another entirely. When the inspiration for a new piece strikes Jeremy Morris, like an artist he may begin with a simple sketch on paper, often playing with loose gemstones to explore colour and form, before the craftsmen of our atelier – the last to still exist on Bond Street – translate his vision into precious metal and jewels.


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White Diamond Earrings

Elements of composition

A captivating flash of colour here, the faintest whisper of metal there – viewing a piece of David Morris jewellery is an experience akin to studying a painting or sculpture in a gallery, different angles and perspectives revealing a new and fascinating detail. Indeed, at the House of David Morris the creation of jewellery is considered an art form, each original ‘artwork’ expressing its creator’s unique point of view whilst capturing the mood of the moment.


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