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Not all precious stones are created equal. Jeremy Morris travels far and wide in search of nature’s rarest, purest jewels for our creations.

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“Inspiration always begins with the individuality of the stone”

David Morris Prestige Jewllery White Diamonds

White Diamonds

Throughout the ages and across cultures, few stones have possessed the power to captivate as the glittering brilliance of a white diamond.

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Yellow Diamonds 600x809 1

Yellow Diamonds

Majestic yellow diamonds, from delicate, pale shades to the boldest and brightest stones.

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David Morris Coloured Diamonds High Jewellery

Rare Coloured Diamonds

The rarest diamonds of all, with an astonishing colour spectrum that makes them globally sought-after and a truly unique choice for bespoke creations.

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David Morris Prestige Jewllery Rubies


A signature of the House of David Morris is the glorious celebration of colour, and nowhere is this more striking than in our incredible ruby creations.

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