David Morris x Ralph & Russo

David Morris x Ralph & Russo Couture Week Collaboration

This summer ‘The London Jeweller’ David Morris couple their in-store designs with the launch of Ralph & Russo’s Autumn/Winter 2018 Couture collection. Both British ateliers are internationally renowned for creating exquisitely crafted unique designs. In 2017, Ralph & Russo’s iconic creations were paired with David Morris’ one of a kind pieces at an intimate event at the British Embassy in Paris to celebrate the opening of David Morris’ first boutique in France, and the bond continues to grow and flourish at Paris’ Couture Fashion Week this summer.

Co-founded by Creative Director, Tamara Ralph, and CEO, Michael Russo, Ralph & Russo was officially launched in 2010 and has since become known as an international luxury fashion brand revered for producing designs that are contemporary, timelessly elegant and sought after worldwide.

Established in London in 1962, and defined by an avant-garde sense of sophistication, David Morris is the London jeweller for connoisseurs who seek the finest gemstones set in wonderfully indulgent forms, glistening with glamour and a refined sense of quintessential British style. Owned by royalty, worn by A-listers and coveted by luxury-lovers, David Morris became a jeweller of choice for the silver screen and James Bond himself in 1971.

Craftsmanship is incredibly important to both houses and at the heart of each brand’s core values. Both jewellery and couture art forms evoke natural beauty through skilled hands diligently creating each cut, setting and final detail.

The flagship of both David Morris and Ralph & Russo are located in the centre of the world’s most prestigious luxury quarter, Mayfair, London. With petite-mains and master craftsmen on site, each client is offered a bespoke experience and inimitable level of service.

On Monday 2nd July 2018 both British brands will partner to celebrate the launch of the Autumn/Winter 2018 Ralph & Russo couture collection both across the runway and at an exclusive after-party. Couture week is the pinnacle of design and awe-inspiring artistry from concept, through to illustration, to the final sculpted piece.  Eye catching, playful and seemingly whimsical, jewellery is the final touch to any outfit. Everything is centred around the chosen gemstone, starting from the formation to the design. Beneath the most stunning gemstones lies the secret behind the creation and the multiple layers that bind the metal work together.

The partnership of two iconic brands, David Morris and Ralph & Russo, remain testament to the best of British Design and are adorned by some of the world’s most influential women, who with a strong sense of identity and elegance, also have great appreciation for beautiful jewels.


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David Morris x Ralph & Russo Couture Week Collaboration