David Morris Harrods Boutique Knightsbridge

David Morris Opens New Harrods Boutique

David Morris appointed Eugène Brunelle to transform and redesign it’s Harrods boutique and tasked the designer with injecting elegance and sophistication into the new space – twice the size of the previous boutique – whilst weaving in key brand signatures such as intricate fine details that exude femininity and a soft colour palette of pinks, taupes and greys.

Fine craftsmanship is still incredibly important to the house and, with a strong desire to delve deeper into the visual aesthetic that represents it, Managing Director, Jeremy Morris, had a vison to create a showroom that echoed the Paris boutique whilst setting the space apart from its sumptuous surroundings within Harrods. This is a move that underlines the brand’s new design direction as well as its goal to create an exclusive immersive experience for clients.

David Morris Harrods Boutique Knightsbridge

In order to achieve the British brand’s design dream, Brunelle emulated the crystals interspersed throughout the Paris boutique’s furnishings and reinterpreted them with the use of a prismatic pattern, lightly carved into the carpet. Triptych showcases have faceted edges and crystal brackets specially designed and produced for the walls either side of the boutique.

Oval shapes have been introduced not only for the furniture but also for the furnishings and accessories; oval freestanding showcases and sales desks give a soft and gentle ambiance whilst oval-shaped desk mirrors with faceted edges mimic the house’s signature rose cut diamond. The modernised colour scheme of soft rose and grey oak throughout complement one another and are highlighted by soft pink tones, representative of the brand colours, mixed with hues of taupe and silver.

David Morris Jewellery Harrods

The back wall proudly boasts a centrepiece which is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the new space, a floor to ceiling showcase in silvered glass with a horizontal oval cloud opening – revealing busts dressed in some of the High Jewellery brand’s finest creations.

Subtly in the background are reflexions from the mirrored edging most notable in the metallic fabric encased in panels. These are visible in the external displays on the arcade shopfront and one such panel allows a glimpse of the VIP space through one of the triptych showcases inside the boutique.

David Morris Harrods Vip Area

Wall coverings in leather and pearl-white fabric laced with silver threads in addition to opalescent lacquered panels textured with a subtle mix of woven and dappled patterns complete the ambiance whilst refined simplicity also emulate the faint reflections.

David Morris Harrods Store

Finally, the private VIP room is tucked away from view adding an air of exclusivity to it. Adjacent to the main selling space, a mirrored wall slides away to reveal the space sitting proudly directly behind the shop floor. Adorned with luxury furnishings, an oval low table has been nestled between two curved sofas upholstered with fabric echoing the prism theme and softly sparkling rose-taupe palette.

Pioneering the way for the new design aesthetic of David Morris, the Harrods boutique is the epitome of sophistication offering clients the desired environment in which to peruse the British jewellery house’s finest and most exquisite jewellery creations across High Jewellery and its Collections.

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David Morris Opens New Harrods Boutique