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Beauty from beneath the waves – The new Pearl Rose collection

Known as the ‘Queen of Gems’, pearls have a long and rich history. Believed to be amongst the rarest and most expensive of jewels, the Romans and Egyptians prized natural pearls above all others. Indeed, in an act of defiance to Marc Anthony and in order to prove the wealth of Egypt, Cleopatra allegedly orchestrated the most expensive dinner by serving a plate containing only a large pearl, which she then crushed and drank down with wine.

David Morris, the London jeweller, has become synonymous amongst connoisseurs and collectors as one of very few international jewellery houses still able to source these rare and magnificent commodities and create the unique and exceptional designs for which they’ve become renowned.

With such a passion for these gems, CEO and principal designer Jeremy Morris sought to conceive a collection that would still appeal to the natural pearl devotee, while at the same time being more accessible.

Utilising cultured Akoya pearls as one of the design elements, David Morris has created the Pearl Rose collection in homage to the ‘Queen of Gems’. Celebrated for their beauty and rich lustre, Japanese Akoya pearls are perfectly spherical with rich colour, ranging from white, cream and pink to silver pink.

The full collection consists of eight exclusive designs of rings, bangles, earrings and a necklace, each of which is available in three different materials and each of which incorporates a row of delicate central stones firmly nestled between two rows of sparkling brilliant cut diamonds. The collection comprises all organic elements, each one utilised in jewellery design since times of antiquity. This technique of channel setting them between rows of diamonds brings them up to date and results in a style that is contemporary and striking while remaining easy to wear.

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Maintaining a theme of beauty from beneath the waves, Jeremy Morris’ second variation in the collection incorporates delicate pink beads which contrast beautifully with white diamonds while mounted in 18ct rose gold. Owing to its intense and permanent coloration and glossiness, precious pink bead has been harvested since antiquity for decorative use.

Pink bead jewellery has been found in prehistoric European burials and was worn in ancient Egyptian as an amulet, believed to bestow protective properties on its wearer.  Designs with coral proved especially popular during the Victorian and Art Deco periods. As with all precious metals and rare gemstones sourced by David Morris, the coral is responsibly acquired, in this case from the Mediterranean.

The final design variation in the collection sees delicate, textured rose cut diamonds, central to David Morris jewellery design, beautifully juxtaposed between rows of modern brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct white gold. By bringing back this antique and almost forgotten rose cut and infusing it with a modern twist, David Morris shows its passion and love for tradition and the craft of jewellery.

The two styles of earring, collar necklace and rings are all offered in pearl, pink bead or all-diamond, while the stunning bangle has the added option, in the pearl version, of being adorned with a larger, lustrous button pearl or a charming diamond flower, adding an extra feminine touch.

All fashioned in 18ct gold, the collection utilises diamonds of top colour and clarity and showcases David Morris’s key strengths in creativity, craftsmanship and expertise.

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Akoya Pearl And Brilliant Cut White Diamond Pearl Rose Bangle With White Button Pearl Centre Set In 18ct White Gold. Tdw 4.70ct Tpw 8.80ct


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Akoya Pearl Rose Bracelet With A Pear Shape White Diamond Motif Set In 18ct White Gold


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Beauty from beneath the waves – The new Pearl Rose collection