Petite Palm rings featuring petals of aquamarine, rubellite & tourmaline
with all-white diamond double earrings & ring
Diamond earrings Total weight 8.15cts Diamond ring Total weight 4.48cts

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Miss Daisy double earrings Total weight 2.91cts Pendant Total weight 1.02cts
Wire bangle Total weight 1.43cts

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Rose Cut Forever double earrings Total weight 2.45cts
Cross over bangle Total weight 2.06cts
Double ring Total weight 1.30cts

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Five row Morning Dew necklace with pear & round diamonds
Total weight 23.96cts Matching earrings Total weight 15.87cts

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Coral & diamond bangle Total diamonds 4.58cts Total coral 8.50cts Akoya pearl & diamond bangle Total diamonds 4.32cts Total pearls 10.80cts
Akoya pearl & diamond flower bangle Total diamonds 5.38cts Total pearl 7.50cts
Diamond bangle Total diamonds 8.60cts Matching Pearl Rose rings

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Akoya pearl tassel necklace with rose-cut diamonds
Total pearl weight 302cts Total diamond weight 14.52cts
Matching earrings Total pearl weight 108cts Total diamond weight 16.42cts

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Rose-Cut diamond flexi bangle with white diamond micro-set surrounds
Total weight 10cts
Matching earrings total weight 3.69cts; band 3.41cts

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9-Row Illusion necklace with marquise & brilliant-cut diamonds
Total weight 50.22cts Matching earrings Total weight 15.50cts

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Rose & brilliant-cut diamond Le Jardin tiara with matching triple ring
Tiara weight 17.73cts Ring weight 5.57cts

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Phoenix pear shape diamond drop earrings
Total weight 32.80cts Matching ring Total weight 9.81cts

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Natural fancy & vivid blue, pink & yellow diamond butterfly ring Total weight 15.19cts
Natural vivid yellow & white diamond butterfly ring Total weight 7.31cts

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Natural fancy pink, yellow & white diamond Carousel bangles Approximate weight 6cts each
With matching Carousel bands Approximate weight 4cts each

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Diamond Cherry Blossom hair band, matching ring & earrings
Total diamond weight 26.82cts; ring weight 2.96cts

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Petite Palm

Forming part of David Morris’s feminine garden narrative, Petite Palm is a youthful take on the exotic Palm collection. Mirroring the array of colours found in nature, each piece is mounted in rose or white gold and expertly set with white diamonds and a variety of semi-precious gemstones: majestic purple amethyst, regal pink rubellite, luxurious green tourmaline and piercing blue aquamarine. Subtle white mother-of-pearl, sleek black onyx and traditional all-diamond versions provide a demure alternative.

Miss Daisy

A dainty collection of diamond jewellery set in white or rose gold, Miss Daisy evokes the nostalgia of childhood and conjures up images of petals playfully pulled in a game of ‘Love me, love me not’. Sparkling pear-shape petals, crafted from David Morris’ signature rose cut diamonds, brilliant-cut central diamonds and diamond micro-surround setting combine to form each delicate, feminine and eye-catching creation.

Rose Cut Forever

A bold and contemporary take on David Morris’ signature rose cut diamond collection, Rose Cut Forever is the graceful reminder that love is a multitude of different facets. Crafted from white or rose gold, each faceted angle is polished to perfection. The addition of the asymmetric halo of micro-set diamonds encompassing each central rose cut diamond symbolises the meaning of forever in the most simple of ways. A circle, with no beginning and no end. Continuous and timeless beauty.

Morning Dew

Like dew drops on a spider’s web in the morning sunlight, so the diamonds from this feminine collection glisten in their fine gold casings. Taking inspiration from the beauty of nature, this delicate and enchanting diamond jewellery makes use of whimsical half-completed flowers, conjuring images of a game of love me, love me-not. Suspended beneath these are beautifully feminine diamond-set bows, from which cascade strings of round and pear-shape diamonds like fine droplets of water.

Pearl Rose

Paying homage to the ‘Queen of Gems’, Pearl Rose utilises lustrous Akoya pearls, delicate pink coral beads or feminine rose-cut diamonds beautifully juxtaposed between rows of modern brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct white gold. Comprising bangles, rings, earrings and a necklace, all are embellished with these beautiful organic elements utilised in jewellery design since times of antiquity. The technique of channel setting them between rows of diamonds brings them up to date, resulting in a style that is contemporary and striking.


The talismanic jewellery worn throughout the Middle-East is the inspiration for the Tassel Collection. Delicate beads of diamonds dance majestically, whether hung from a simple but elegant chain or below an intricate selection of diamond petals. The range is not limited to beautiful white diamonds - Colombian emeralds also feature as well as angel skin corals to complete a look that is both fluid and stylish.

Rose -Cut

More than any other, this collection holds a special place in the heart of Jeremy Morris. On his tour of the Indian sub-continent he was captivated by an ancient and mystical diamond - a delicate and translucent interpretation of a rose’s petals. It was not long before the signature rose-cut diamond band was created, followed by a suite of jewellery in a variety of colours and sizes


As the name suggests, this collection is a distortion of reality. It challenges the assumption of what great heights can be achieved with such humble means. Although they appear to be large individual diamonds, each motif is painstakingly set with smaller stones to increase the natural brilliance and play of light, creating a sparkle and fire of truly magnificent proportions... you might even say of illusive proportions.

Le Jardin

A collection of all things floral;
hand-picked shapes and sizes of
diamonds that reflect the splendid
variety of flowers found in nature-
timeless bouquets that never wilt.


Drawing inspiration from the Greek mythological bird, the feathered Phoenix suite of theatrical shoulder- length earrings and striking matching ring is a resurrection of vintage appetites for fun and decadence. Set with either white diamonds for incredible sparkle, or dramatic Alexandrite, which like the Phoenix can transform itself from a blue-green in the day to a soft red by candle light.


For millennia, they have been used as symbols in various cultures across the world, but never has a butterfly been so elegantly represented in jewellery until now.


Beyond the bright lights and music, the real charm of a vintage carousel is its lovingly carved decoration; lavishly adorned, vibrant and graceful as it dances around delicately. Available in a variety of coloured gemstones and complimenting materials, fine micro-set diamonds frame bold emerald-cut and round jewels.

Cherry Blossom

Delicate petals explode every spring, born in Japan and throughout the world. Influencing poets and artists for centuries, the Cherry Blossom collection was conceived for the opening of David Morris in Harrods London. Clusters of white diamonds float in 18ct white gold settings.